New Painting in J7




A new painting of mine is hanging at J7 Surf Shop 24 E Mason St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. The painting depicts a massive west swell swinging through Rincon Cove, crowd and all. If you’re around the area check it out as well as handcrafted surfboards by Jason Feist that are guaranteed to take your wave shredding to the next level.

Surf on.

Reflecting on Japan 2014

I spent a majority of 2014 working and studying in Japan. I would spend my free time exploring the futuristic city lights of Tokyo and the peaceful wind-swept countryside in search of inspiration and a new view on art and life. I have always been interested in Eastern art, particularly traditional Japanese techniques. Japanese artwork is filled with rich tradition and unique techniques– from Sumi-e (ink paintings), to Ukiyo-e (wood block prints), and Ikebana (flower arranging). Many Japanese traditional art techniques require patience and years of practice. Being immersed in this culture opened my mind to a new aesthetic that brought me inspiration. The combination of Eastern and Western philosophy more often than not seem to counter each other. Having  a western art upbringing, I hope to find a balance between the two. For me this sometimes felt like trying to swim up a waterfall, whether it was my daily routine, or reflecting on my work, asking myself why I’m drawn to certain colors and compositions. Sometimes the least embellished things can bring the greatest emotion, and the small leaf floating down a drainage ditch can convey a genuine sense of beauty that is certainly around all of us everyday in all shapes and form.


I thank all the wonderful people I met throughout my stay in Japan whose kindness helped me adapt to a new style of life.


I hope you enjoy my collection of paintings.

Enjoying a nice afternoon birdwatching with friends

Here I am enjoying a nice afternoon birdwatching with friends.

Paintings from Japan 日本の絵

Samurai and Geisha

Samurai and Geisha 侍と芸者

Strong Surf

Strong Surf 強い波

Right of the Sakura

Right of the Sakura 桜の右

Left of the Sakura

Left of the Sakura 桜の左

Catching Insects

Catching Insects 虫捕り

Min Min Semi Semi

Min Min Zemi  日本のゼミ

Ocean Onsen

Ocean Onsen 海の温泉


Zushi 逗子

View of Oshima

View of Oshima 大島


Yuigahama 由比ヶ浜

Yuigahama Boats

Yuigahama Boats 由比ヶ浜の船


Seabirds 海の鳥

Top of Mt. Misen

Top of Mt. Misen 弥山山

The Stilts Know

Stilts Know セタガシギ


Tsunashima 綱島


Isshiki 一色

Kiruna Hill Top

Kiruna Hill Top 菊名の小山の上で

Lights Out 消灯

Kiruna Day 菊名の晴れ

Kiruna Day

Kikuna Night  菊名の夜で

Kikuna Night 

The Flying Oarfish

The Flying Oarfish (39.5X70″) 2013DSC00754

This painting has been through a lot. It was started in March 2013 during my final quarter at UCSC, it then moved with me back to Goleta, was trampled by my boxer Popeye, and has finally been completed. I really enjoyed working on such a large scale and taking extra time and care into study for this composition.

Here I’m finishing up some final details.




Bagelry show is up!

Here are a couple photos of my current show hanging as The Bagelry’s  December exhibiting artist. If you’re in the Santa Cruz area and hungry for some delicious bagels surrounded by local plein air paintings come on down. The address is 320 Cedar St.

Big thanks to The Bagelry for exhibiting my work! DSC00728 DSC00742DSC00732DSC00740 DSC00735

Santa Cruz Bagelry art show preparation

My room has ultimately become my studio. My once beige carpet has become marbled with oil paint and ink. Canvas sprawled about has created non negotiable paths like what I imagine the inside of an ant colony to be. Life is good.DSC00694


Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation Family & Friends Art Show

Hello all, I currently have three paintings hanging in the annual Santa Barbara Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation Family & Friends Art Show. This year the works exhibited range from abstract paintings to solar plate etchings. All the artwork being shown is for sale with 25% of the proceeds going to the Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital, a non-profit organization. Here’s a peak into the Schildhauer work being shown. Big thanks to my mom for informing and managing my brother and my artwork for the show. Love ya mom!



Refugio Canyon

The piece below was painted by my brother Sam. He was really able to catch the bright  sun rays reflecting off the ocean up by Point Conception.